figure on side


figure on side
I drew this with a cool new Pentel Tradio pen and a couple markers for tone. Too bad I didn’t stop sooner, that cloth she’s using as a pillow looks like head trauma. Oh well.

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Soft pastel head and figure

The face is kind of off, a bit too much forehead. But I was glad to try something a little different for a change – kind of a return to my drawing tool roots. It’s so different for me to draw holding the pencil like a stick (as for this one) versus holding it like a writing tool, as I usually do.

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Bunny diver

bunny diver
I threw some color in to this odd doodle and it didn’t make it less odd – maybe more.

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Return to quicksketch

sketches 11-27-06

These are the better half of a bunch of quicksketches each taking 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or 2 minutes each. The 30 & 45s were done with sign pen and only looking at the model, not the paper. The 2 minute poses are the darker images, done with a Sharpie, and peeking was allowed. Although I Photoshopped them all on to one page, the relative sizes are unchanged. (Click for larger view.)

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Orangutan sketches


From a day of sketching at the zoo. I’d love to spend more time drawing these guys so I can better understand their anatomy. Zoo drawing makes me realize how little I know about any specific animal.

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A pen and marker sketch.

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Matrix 1

Matrix 2

Rusty. It’s been too long since going to drawing. These were the last couple I drew and I was just starting to relax. That’ll teach me.

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This guy was short and odd-shaped, so I think some of him got lost in translation to a taller fellow.

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This is from a couple weeks ago, but I'm posting it as a reminder to myself that good drawings are in there, I just have to keep digging for them. Ah, I already feel better having something up.

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Nothing new lately

This has been a horrible week for drawing. I keep trying but my hand is doing its own thing. It's completely frustrating and becoming such a nuisance that nothing I make is satisfying. I'm beginning to wonder if it's the tool I'm using. I know it's not, but I'm even switching to different pens and pencils with hope of unlocking by jam. Then I question if I'm using the wrong size paper. Am I limiting myself by using small pads? They didn't bother me before, but maybe my mind needs a new space to play.

The one good thing about all this is that I know it never lasts forever, and it often means that a breakthrough is just around the corner which will lead to a new plateau. The plateau isn't the attractive part, but the fact that it's one step up is. I'll keep plugging away. I hope that verbalizing this is a way to get the funk out of my head so I can stop thinking so much and just draw. 

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