I always feel a little uncomfortable when someone asks me to work on a design for them. It's just not what I do. The request for this was to have a rampaging gorilla in a comic book style with some sort of explosion icon behind him. I really like these guys, so I agreed. I'm glad I did. I learned a bunch of Photoshop doing this. I also created a cleaned up, colored image – something I never do on my own.

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I think I made this up. I'll look at someone's drawings and then find their style invading my mind. That's a good thing.

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I drew this today. Damn, had I known, I would have gone to drawing before the last 25 minutes. She has wings tattooed on her back. Cool.

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Oily Bohunk


Where is this coming from? I’d want a bird to poop on that guy!

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Mobster Thug


Meet my typical mobster thug toughy.

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My wife and I thought we had it made. Goggles for dogs – Doggles. I wrote it down in my trusty idea book to dig up when fortune called. We’d make them cool, like Bono’s dog would wear – colored plastic bug eyes to keep out dirt and bugs.

This weekend we were at The Grove and what do we see at the little doggie boutique? Doggles. Goggles for dogs. Poof. There went our fortune.

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